Simarprit Singh - CEO, Compare Infobase Ltd.

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For 26 years I have been doing what I want to. I know I have been lucky. I don't beat around the bush. Not too much into networking. Hate those who push connections over merit. Love traveling. Quality or Quantity still puzzle me at times.

Founder of

MapsofWorld : Maps are everywhere on for students, travelers, researchers, instructors, the layman . . . just about everyone.

Mapsofindia : is the largest online repository of maps on India since 1998. The site provides business mapping solutions and thematic map images of India.

AllWonders : AllWonders is an emerging travel business, which has been incubated in Compare Infobase's facility in San Jose, California. AllWonders aspires to be a one-stop solution for all travel needs. While conceiving AllWonders, I have extensively relied on my personal experiences of working with travel companies and developing e-travel businesses since 1998.

Cyberchef : I have recently mentored a crowdsourcing platform which connects home chefs with diners.

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